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Friday, January 11, 2008

Quick Report from one of the big guys

The Phillies Assistant Ruben Amaro Jr. recently held a chat with Phillies fans regarding the current situation as the countdown to Clearwater begins. While many of the questions had typos and repetitive, one important question asks was regarding resigning Kyle Loshe. Except for the fact that Loshe blew one of the NLDS games in October, the RHP did provide several quality starts during the season. Loshe is currently in the prime pitching year and would require a lenghty deal but considering how no other team has signed him in this pencil thin pitching market may drop the price. One of the larger obstacles is his agent Scott Boras. Boras is a pain in the ass to deal with! Heard of this name before. Boras is also the agent of 3b A-rod and other high profile players. This guy thinks the dollar bill is worth the same amount as yen and always goes for the big bucks. I also think that Loshe is going to come to his senses during this offseason an think of the big picture. He is clearly not a "ACE" of any team and like any other baseball player wants to have a successful playoff team. Hopefully, Loshe will resign with the Phillies and become the fourth or fifth starter. He is a huge upgrade from Adam Eaton and Freddy Garcia combined.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Two Constant Things that the Phillies Win

If you want to view consistency for the Phillies, look no further than the MVP and Home Run Derby. Though Ryan Howard was not a repeat winner this year for the National League home run Derby, I will include this in the article. While many people including myself would like for the Phillies to constantly reach and compete in the post season, the string of derby and MVP are still somewhat conforting for Phillies fans. Looking forward to the 2008 season, I think that the Phillies have a shot of winning both events again and also succeeding in the playoffs. While it is possible for either Howard or Rollins to win the MVP again, I feel that 2nd basemen Chase Utley is going to give the competition a run for its money. Not only will the superstars of the National league be gunning for the MVP, but two great candidates in Howard and Rollins will be pushing Utley and themselves for this honor. Utley potentially could have won the MVP last year but a fastball to the hand shattered both his bone and a shot at the honor of being the most valueable player. While statistics are a major factor of wining this title, I also feel that two aspects of Utley's game sets him apart from the rest. One, is his hustle. Utley is always hustling down the first base line and running out every play. Many players at this level simply give up but Utley does not which sets him apart from the field. The other aspect his the scarcity for good 2nd basemen. The difficulty for 2nd baseman to play well offensively and defensively like Utley can do also sets him apart from the other position players. It should be a fun year and barring an injury an MVP year for Chase Utley!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Can the Phillies reach a century of wins?

Last year was a great year for Phillies fans considering it was the first trip to the playoffs since 1993. One aspect overlooked by many Phillies fans since they made it to the playoffs was their record of 89-73. Their record was the best since 1993 but they have had years where they were close to this win-loss. For the past two decades, the Phillies have hovered around 90 wins and the statement this year by guru MVP Jimmy Rollins is that the Phillies are going to win 100 games this season. The offense is there, but is the pitching. As much as I would love to believe in J-Rolls prediction, I still have my doubts. The Phillies can produce runs but the problem has not been having runners cross the plate but rather preventing the other team from making it around the bases. Pat Gillick knows that this was the problem last year and has made some roster moves to ensure several more wins but does the addition of Brad Lidge and Chad Durbin give this team 20 more wins? I believe that the Phillies have the pitching talent to get to 100 wins, but the problem is not talent but health. During the 2007 season, the Phillies lost many key pitchers for a considerable amount of time and that cost the Phillies some wins. Going into this year, the Phillies seem to have a sound and healthy rotation and the addition of Chad Durbin as an injury starter does help considering the Phillies had to rely on rookie Kyle Kendrick last year. Without Kendricks amazing season, the Phillies would have never made it to the playoffs. Scott Mathieson, who has had big league experience, will also boost the rotation with his 90+ mph fastball should someone go down with an injury. Pitching wins games there is no doubt about it and the Phillies have the pieces to win 100 but it will rely on staying away from the injury bug.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Phillies mangement just doesn't get it!

With every Phillies off season, I excitedly look at the trade rumors and hope that the Phillies bring in a huge acquisition and there was no difference in this year. With Pitching at the top of the Phillies wish list, I hoped that the philosophy of the cautious Phillies would sway into taking a huge gamble. Before Winter Meetings in December, the Phillies traded for closer Brad Lidge. This trade was unexpected for me and threw my brain into a frenzy of excitement. I thought to myself, maybe this year is going to be different, maybe this year they will take a risk. But months after this deal, the Phillies roster has one pitcher added, named Chad Durbin. In my opinion, with the money that they spent on this reliever/starter, the Phillies could have signed a better pitcher. Mark Prior, released during the time the Phillies were searching for a starting pitcher, could have been signed to a one year deal around the same price range as Durbin and has better big league credentials. Now I know many of you will say that he is injury prone and the Phillies don't sign them but think again. Jayson Werth and Chris Snelling are two examples of injury prone players that the Phillies have signed so this argument does not work. I simply feel that the Phillies are too picky as to who they take risks on and who they don't. My prediction is however, that Mark Prior will have a better year then Chad Durbin and the Phillies will have to rethink there scouting and management theories.


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